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This year proved a bit challenging for the HCDA Access to Care Committee to plan the HCDA Give Kids a Smile® Event. The lack of a venue was the main   topic of many conference calls, but thanks to Dr. Natalie Carr and Dr. Lesley  Rudolph this challenge was met head-on and the event took place.  On a rainy Friday morning  (January 31st) Dr. Carr, along with Dr. Kirk Parrott and Dr.   Hilary Dalton saw ten children and donated just shy of $10,000.00 in dental services. MORE HEALTH, INC. was on hand and provided dental education to not only the children, but their parents as well. Hillsborough Community College Dental Assisting Students joined Dr. Carr’s dental team and provided additional assistance. Thank you to McDonalds, Einstein Bagels, Chik fil A, and Publix for their donation of food and gift cards.

The next Friday, Dr. Alina de la Torre’s annual contribution to the GKAS effort occurred. She along with Dr. Matt DeDomenico and Dr. Juliet Bulnes treated 24 children from the Hillsborough County Children’s Home and provided dental services just over $6,600.00.

Dr. Rudolph was available to schedule patients at a later date at her office who needed sedation.

This new HCDA GKAS model will be reviewed and revised and will result in more children being seen in 2015!


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